my tools 01So in February of 2011 I started working as a Bingo caller for my church's newly formed program. I decided to "spruce up" my name tag by doing something artistic with the "O" in my first name. I started with the name tag stickers and markers that happened to be available. Well, a year goes by and I never drew the same thing twice. In June of 2012 I started saving them and the gallery below the result. Slowly I started upgrading my marker collection from just using the 4 sharpie colors available at church to carrying my own set. Next think I know, I have now 5 different marker sets in my carrying case as well as several different line-weights of black! In short, I have a somewhat large art set just to make a name tag each week. So my canvas is just 3" x 4" in size!! [click on each thumbnail for a larger view and description] ----------------