Sewer Area Study

I am experienced in the process of sewer area studies as required in Los Angeles County. I am uniquely skilled in obtaining the necessary geographical information to prepare these studies. Below are samples of some of my work.
--click for larger image-- Complete Sewer Area Study Exhibit This is one of the more complex plans I've prepared. This drawing incorporates scans of existing sewer plans provided by the County of Los Angeles. To enhance the plan, I added GISNet topo and parcel lot lines and zoning colors. Then, we began demarcating sewer drainage zones, proposed sewer lines, and flow rates. Lastly, I added a table to the sheet to list the flow information for each drainage zone.

Local Sewer Area Study Exhibit Here's a sample of a sewer area study exhibit as submitted to the City of Palmdale to indicate flow rates, zoning areas, and jurisdiction information. --click for larger image--