Design Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words! Why not transform your the ideas in your head (or on paper) into a visual format? My background in Engineering and Aerospace fields give me a unique understanding of complex systems that are difficult to explain to the average artist. I speak your language when it comes to understanding your ideas and designs. Give me a sketch of a napkin, a CAD file, FAX me your drawings, or just call me on the phone and tell me your ideas and I can transform them into artist renderings for presentation and the like. Below are some samples of my work throughout the years.
**BEFORE** --click for larger image-- High Altitude Drone Design This was a project where the unique design of the aircraft was proving difficult to convey in ordinary sketches and the aircraft designer was not skilled in actual CAD modeling. Within a short period of time sitting next to me with a graph pad, the deign concept was put down and the resulting 3D rendering was then provided for presentations. **AFTER** --click for larger image--

**BEFORE** --click for larger image-- Rocket Design and Operation This was a fun and challenging project for me! I was honored to be able to do some design visualization work for the famous Brian Walker. I did most of my work for him via FAX'ed sketches and phone conversations. From this I developed 3D models of his designs and the proceeded to create a 3D animation to convey exactly how it would operate. You can still view the video of the animation here on YouTube. **AFTER** --click for larger image--