Interactive Floorplans

I've been working towards developing interactive mapping projects in a web-based environment for a few years now. This technology can be applied to numerous uses including real estate sales exhibits, golf course layouts, building floorplan information, etc. The example shown below is just one example of how this technology can be used. Of note: as this is not a Flash graphic element, this is viewable on the iPhone (which doesn't render Flash graphics). **please note that this demo works much better using Firefox or Chrome than Internet Explorer. Some of the features don't work yet (although I'm fixing the code so that it soon will)...

**Click to open new window and view interactive floorplan**

For those of you that care to know the technology behind this, here goes: The main Javascript I'm using is Highslide which is normally used for creating photo galleries with a twist. In this case, I'm using a standard HTML image map command in place of what would normally be the thumbnail image in the gallery. On top of that, I'm using another Javascript item to highlight the region of the image map the mouse is hovering over and add a "tool tip" that I use to indicate the name of the room called Mapper.