WordPress Theme Mods

To start with, I'd have to say that I can't think of one example of a WordPress installation that didn't involve modifying the selected theme but here are a couple of examples of some more heavily modified themes I've created over the years. Currently, I prefer to use the theme Suffusion for all my WordPress developments since this one theme is flexible enough to pretty much meet any design requirements a client throws my way. Still, enjoy some of the more extreme theme modifications I've done below...
**BEFORE** --click for larger image-- "Children and Toys" theme modification Although it may look simple, this was a graphically intense modification. The client wanted to have control over the images in the picture frames and not just generic faces. I eventually created a blank template that would allow revisions to the images in the future using Gimp. I also extended the flower bed at the top of the content box as well as some background adjustments for the theme with just one column and no corner holder image effects. **AFTER** --click for larger image--

**BEFORE** --click for larger image-- Rancho Vista Golf Course / Cascades Grill Theme Design Here was an example of a theme that appealed to the client for it's use of a background image that was a blurred image but they preferred to use graphics from the actual golf course. Also, I employed a unique sidebar menu system to clearly distinguish between each of the major categories at the golf course by using a color gradient. I replaced pretty much all the artwork / graphics with original content. **AFTER** --click for larger image--

**BEFORE** --click for larger image-- Construction Styled Theme In this design, the client wanted to employ graphic elements that resembled the construction and architecture look and feel. I chose an original theme that used a large graphic image for the background --even behind the content and then took a few blueprints the client provided that were scanned, converted them to a negative, and adjusted the color and some related image effects to create the backdrop used in this theme. Various modifications to layout and text element locations also modified (as well as removal of the side column. **AFTER** --click for larger image--