PDF Forms

I have an extensive background in PDF document creation / management / manipulation that has made my ability to create PDF forms quite strong. I currently create forms for medical billing and patient tracking for several agencies. Below is a small sample of some of the capabilities I have…

Original Form
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Sample Form
This form was given to me on paper. The agency had created this document by cutting, resizing, and taping various other forms pieces together with a photocopier. Over time, this became harder to read and understand. Also, keeping physical copies of all the previous forms that have been filled out was becoming quite a burden. I re-created all the agency forms in a digital format using PDF forms. Features within these forms that I’ve employed in this example include a watermark over the back of the document to prevent other agencies from re-using their forms and drop-down pick lists for repetitive items. Now the agency no longer keeps boxes of filled-out forms for their records!
New Form
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