Grading Plans

I began land development drafting / design work in 2002. My experience is primarily within Los Angeles County California involving hillside grading work in unincorporated areas of the County. I have experience in grading plans ranging from one single-family home to large-scale developments involving 100+ lots. I have also worked grading plans for urban development, and commercial properties within city limits throughout the state of California. Below are some examples of work I've done.
3D Grading Design I am quite experienced in 3D grading design work using both Autodesk Land Desktop and now Autodesk Civil3D platforms. This allows me to collect real-time earthwork quantities while the grading design is still being developed, watch for potential problems in the process, and determine if there is an actual buildable pad in the area you are hoping to develop. Here is a small sample of some designs I've created. --click for larger image-- --click for larger image--

--click for larger image-- --click for larger image-- Multi-Site Grading Plan This is a sampling of a multi-site grading plan I've developed within unincorporated Los Angeles County. Naturally, these plans are quite a few pages including all required notes, details, and actual plan views. I am showing here just the cover sheet and a sample plan view sheet.

Single-Site Grading Plan Here is a typical grading plan example. Common small site plans will involve a 3-sheet plan to contain all the information Los Angeles County requires. --click for larger image-- --click for larger image--

--click for larger image-- Hillside Grading Example In this grading plan example, elements from a multi-story house, retaining wall, and hillside grading, was combined to indicate how it all integrated in this project.

Simple Grading Exhibit Here's a simple grading plan I've created. This verifies proper drainage around the entire site. In this example, subdrains are used in the back yard as well as dual retaining walls. Proper pad elevations, drive way grades, and front door steps are all designed to ensure correct water flow once the site is built. --click for larger image--