Feb 222011
Wshew!! This was a serious exercise!! My arms are sore and my back is killing me!! Next time I will get bigger pipe wrenches (something larger than 14") if I ever have to do this again. Without delay, here's the temporary setup while I move my big desk... I'm just infatuated with these little HP LP2065 screens! Very bright, small frame, and hand hold slot at the top in the rear. As you can see, the frame flows well over the left side of my temporary desk. Not a problem for this setup! If I was still using the OEM monitor stands, this arrangement just wouldn't have worked. I'm already starting to LOVE this frame! From the back before wiring it up and lifting it to my temporary desk. In the future, I'll probably need to use more than one person to lift this as it is quite heavy when fully assembled. The white wood base is also just a temporary thing. I'm either going to use a large 1/4" aluminum plate or some MDF. I'd much rather use aluminum but it's starting to get expensive! Here you can see the angles involved in getting the screens to align properly. Now there are plenty of examples of pipe-based multi-monitor frame setups that are much simpler than this arrangement but they have no provision for adjusting the angles or distances in the event of a desire for a different viewing angle OR adding different size monitors in the future. I believe it was worth the trouble but I may also be totally wrong! Still, the exercise was worth doing. Lastly, in this closeup, you can see why the center post needed to be offset and why the additional level is used. This design allows individual adjustments of both the angle of pitch as well as side-to-side. In the long run, this may not be necessary and I may wind-up with a much simpler design but at this point, Ive been quite happy with the result. I have considered building a "hutch / monitor frame" design where I start with a shelf that runs overhead and then mount the monitors to the bottom of the shelf going down as opposed to starting from the desk and working up. I like the fact that it keeps all monitor hardware off the desk but it also prevents me from sliding the screens around to make adjustments or changes to the hookups. Still, I may explore this idea in the future... In the mean time, I'm really enjoying the newly added screen real estate for a relatively low cost!